Welcome to this Introductory Psychology class. In one trimester we can only look at a small slice of what is an extensive field. I will do my best to keep things engaging, interesting, and moving along so wee can hit as many highlights as possible. If at any time you have particular interests that I can accommodate, jut let me know! My goal is that you take away an understanding of some of the highlights of this fascinating field of study.Below you will find an overview of the units and standards we will be working on this trimester! I will do my best to post as much of the materials and assignments to this wiki as we progress through the trimester. Materials will be added chronologically from most current to least current.

The New Asylums (video and supporting website)

A Crime of Insanity (website)
This video is available to borrow overnight from Mr. Atkins.

Killer at Thurston High
Video and Supporting Website

Stage Theorists:

Lawrence Kohlberg:

Lawrence Kohlberg
Kohlberg Dilemas

Jean Piaget:

Piaget Stages Video


Freud Handout


Erikson Handout
Ferris Bueller Assignment

Video Clips:

Bystander Effect

Aggression - Bandura's Bobo Doll Experiment

Harry Harlow's Monkey Experiments on Dependancy

Motivation and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Stage Theory and Stage Theorists

Freud Handout

Erik Erikson's Eight Stages of Psycho-Social Development

"Ferris Beuller's Day Off" is available to stream through Netflix.
Link to 5 part video stream of "A Class Divided" Jane Elliot, Brown eyes/Blue eyes

An interesting TED talk by P. Zimbardo following up on the Stanford Prison Experiment after the Abu Ghraib prison incident in Iraq

"The Stanford Prison Experiment", Phillip Zimbardo, 1971
"The power of the situation/role is more powerful than the individual."

The Milgram Experiment re-enacted by Derren Brown
Web source on the Milgram experiment
external image milgram.jpg

Web source on B. F. Skinner

Web source summary of Pavlov's theory and experiment